Business homework help. Compose a 1500 words essay on Drama in Raging Bull (1980 film). Needs to be plagiarism free!tic and sport films that are deal with the emotional issues that the characters have to undergo in order to achieve their aims or in order to achieve a happy life. The centre of these films is often based on characters that undergo some form of conflict at very important moments in their lives, especially when it seems that they have everything that anybody could want. The aim of these films is to ensure that their audiences are able to have a peek into their own lives and ask themselves some pertinent questions concerning the way that they live. Moreover, these films normally touch on the emotions of ordinary people as they come to view the tragic things which affect people who live similar lives to them (Robé 71). In most instances, the plot in drama is centred around a tragic event and how the various characters within it come to deal with these events and survive it, achieving redemption. Among the best film performances come from the drama genre and this is mainly because they allow actors to immerse themselves into their roles so that they can make them as realistic as possible. a feature which other film genres normally cannot achieve.Among the greatest films of the drama genre is 1980’s Raging Bull, which starred Robert De Niro as the boxer Jake La Motta and all the evidence from the film suggests that De Niro paid a lot of attention to the details concerning La Motta’s life so as to be as close to the historical record as possible. The making of Raging Bull seems to pay a lot of attention to the issues concerning realism, history and artistic truth, which are the main ingredients in the making of successful dramas. The way through which the actor perceives his role on screen allows him to make an accurate depiction of the emotions that a real life individual, such a Jake La Motta, experienced. The heart of Raging Bull is based on the ability of De Niro to recreate the life of La Motta in particular moments of his life since this enable his to

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