f you are doing research on health insurance and alternative therapies, the best database to consult would be __________.

  1. a) Education Research Complete
  2. b) CINAHL
  3. c) ScienceDirect
  4. d) Factiva

Question 4                            0 / 1 point

You are evaluating an article. Which of the following is NOT a criterion to use in deciding whether an article is worth considering for scholarly research?

  1. a) author credentials
  2. b) publication date
  3. c) peer review
  4. d) citation style

Question 5                            0 / 1 point

You find a well-designed website with a URL that ends in .org. The site supports your research on a controversial topic in finance. What is the most important step you should take?

  1. a) Verify the data found on the .org site in a library database that contains finance-related information.
  2. b) Try to find more reliable information on an .edu site.
  3. c) Confirm the author’s use of charts and graphs.
  4. d) none of the above

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Question 6                            0 / 1 point

You find an image on the web without a copyright notice or owner listed, and you want to use it in your PowerPoint presentation for class. What is the policy that applies?

  1. a) You can use the image freely, because there is no copyright notice.
  2. b) You can use the image, but you need to cite the source.
  3. c) You can use the image freely, because no owner is listed for the image.
  4. d) You cannot use the image, because it belongs to the owner of the website.