Engineering homework help. Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on rodin and mueck: is there anything in common Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Although the bodies are imperfect and cast in materials that don’t necessarily capture the natural coloring and textures of the human models thus losing some of their realism, they are beautifully rendered, highly expressive and emotionally moving. They are so realistic that there were several accusations made that he was working with a cast made from a living model in an early piece entitled “The Age of Bronze.”1 The problems that came from this encouraged him to make future sculptures of other than life-size scale as a means of proving this wasn’t the case. A future artist, Ron Mueck, also chose to work on realistic portrayals of the human body, but he took Rodin’s concepts into the metaphysical realm with his use of scale. Instead of employing scale to prove his artistic ability, Mueck uses a scale to emphasize his artistic vision by portraying the figures according to the size of their importance. This effect is brought to even greater proportions by the degree of realism evident in his work, right down to the curling hair on the top of a boy’s big toe. In their work, both Rodin and Mueck utilize realistic portrayals of subjects and dramatic use of scale to portray the underlying universal human emotion of their ideas. August Rodin is a well-known artist from the late 19th century who made a big break from the traditional schools of art that was then focused on a Neoclassicism modeled after the perfectionism of the ancients. Although he had definite ideas regarding the importance of realism in his own work, he was the only one who recognized its worth within his early years. Refused admission to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, the premier school of arts in the region three times, Rodin never gave up on his ideas, choosing to support himself instead by completing decorative work for others.2 However, after the death of his sister, who had already devoted her life to a convent, Rodin felt it necessary to take her place in service of God.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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