English Language and Literature homework help. Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on media imagery effects on adolescent girls Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! In the book Everything’s an Argument with Reading, is designed to be a true alternative to the traditional argument (Williams 81). It complements students approach with unique broad examples and therefore responds soundly to reasoning around them. In most cases argument of evaluation provides profound decisions about someone’s life through the involvement of certain standards (Williams 83). The particular standard required for an individual is an establishment of judgment within an individual. A person is required to judge anything that comes across his or her life. This judgment can be an idea, a work of art, a person or a product. It is this lack of sound argumentation that can lead to making a relevant judgment that makes girls susceptible to effects that comes from media imagery (Williams 85).According to Nachbar and Lause (119), the examination of these evaluation criteria such as an idea or art of work is enough to give a verdict that they have impounded on the adolescent girls both positively and negatively. The programs that are aired by the media can influence an adolescent girl to make a decision that leads to an explosive behavior to dangers. An adolescent girl may become frightened and violent with others such as suicidal commitment.Lundsford, Ruszkiewicz and Walters (54) assert that in as much as media provides education and entertainment, they can also result in aggressive attitudes and violent behavior. Violence in the media especially those programs that affect the psychological effect on children and women in advertising or merchandising in media are harmful to girls. As a result of self-image seen, they are therefore influenced to behave and try to imitate their behavior.

English Language and Literature homework help