Health Sciences homework help. Q6.1. Which statement below about asexual reproduction is FALSE?A)With asexual reproduction, offspring are genetically identical to the parent.B)Asexual reproduction requires no partner.C)Asexual reproduction requires meiosis.D)Some organisms can reproduce both sexually and asexually.Q6.2. If a diploid sperm fertilized a haploid egg, what would the result be?A)Haploid (n)B)Diploid (2n)C)A mixture of diploid (2n) and haploid (n)D)Triploid (3n)Q6.3. Which of the following represents two things that are identical?A)Two alleles for the same gene in a homologous chromosome pair.B)The sequences of DNA in the two sister chromatids of a chromosome before meiosis I.C)The sequences of DNA in the two sister chromatids of a chromosome after meiosis I.D)The number of homologous chromosomes per cell before and after meiosis I.Q6.4. What problem would most likely to occur if a haploid cell attempted to perform meiosis?A)The cell could not replicate its DNA prior to meiosis.B)The cell could not pair homologous chromosomes during meiosis I.C)The cell would produce diploid daughter cells.Q6.5. Which statement below is TRUE?A)Crossing over shuffles genes between non-homologous chromosomes.B)During meiosis, cells arrange their alleles so that beneficial alleles are passed on together.C)Without crossing over, offspring would be genetically identical to parents.D)New combinations of alleles arise from the random events of crossing over, independent assortment, and mutation.Q6.6. What statement below is TRUE of the spindle during mitosis and meiosis?A)The spindle always separates sister chromatids during anaphase.B)The spindle always separates homologous chromosomes during anaphase.C)Chromosomes are always attached to both spindle poles during metaphase.D)The spindle always attaches to chromosomes at the kinetochore.Q6.7. If a person is heterozygous for the ?32 allele of the CCR5 gene, how many of the four daughter cells produced by meiosis will have the ?32 allele?A)1B)2C)4D)VariesQ6.8. Which of the following processes has the effect of changing ploidy?A)DNA replicationB)Meiosis IC)Meiosis IID)Mitosis

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