History homework help. Need an research paper on in a two to three page paper provide an argument either for or against a person with a mental illness being able to do the job of president of the united states. make sure to include factual information on the symptoms of the illness, treatment, and medic. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. Mental Illness Insert Insert intuition In the textbook “psychology in your life by Sarah Grison,” a mentally ill person is someone who has mental behavior that may suffer or poor ability to perform any duty in the ordinary life. In that case, a mentally sick person cannot assume a job as a president of United States. To be a president primarily The United States, their humorous tasks that you need to handle. Some decisions have to be made so that the government can run accordingly. Presidency has diverse roles that need a sober-minded person to preside over (Espejo, 2012). The mental disorder comes with varied signs and symptoms depending on the condition. Paying attention to every sudden change in thoughts and behaviors is essential. Assessment of each indicated symptom helps in dealing with such mental illnesses during the early stages. Among the signs that are common are. confused thinking, prolonged depression, extreme feeling of highs and lows social withdrawal and a strong sense of anger. Strange thoughts, seeing and hearing things that are not there, suicidal thoughts and substance abuse are among the symptoms that frequently seen on the mentally ill individual (Espejo, 2012). To cope with such person becomes a challenge to the close family members and even friends. Sharing of experiences among the family members to nature people with mental disorders is an assumption that all needs to join hands despite the challenge. To handle such kind person needs allot of wisdom because sometimes they might be quiet and withdrawn. There are mechanisms that are put in place to make sure that people affected by the disorder are handled in the safe manner in the society. Some of these mechanisms are. establishing a support network, seeking counseling and making sure to take time out of them (Espejo, 2012). Mental health and medication are a body that works to ensure that people who have possessed some signs that may lead to mental disorder get quick and early treatment. Psychiatric medication in most instances Treats symptoms of mental disorders. The organization has a goal of making the lives of those who are mentally ill gain backs their normal life. Without this treatment, many people with these mental disorders have to suffer more grave and disabling symptoms. For different people, medication works differently. Because of this variation, some people get best results and recover within a short period. While others take some time to get well, due this difference, these drugs affect some people, and the result is the side effects (Espejo, 2012). There are some factors that influence the effectiveness of the medications on people. Among these are. type of the mental disorder, age and body size, and physical illnesses, habits such as drinking and smoking and genetics. The drugs that are always used to treat these problems are the Antipsychotic. Along the medication process, there are some common side effects. Drowsiness and dizziness when changing positions are the most common effects that result from these drugs. Above all, what we need to remember is that there is hope for recovery for these individuals, and they will come to be productive members of the society (Espejo, 2012). ReferencesEspejo, R. (2012). Mental illness.

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