Record the following transactions on the books of Hope Hospital, which follows FASB and AICPA standards. The year is 2012.
1. Hope received $135,000 in cash from pledges made in 2011 that were unrestricted as to purpose but intended to be expended in 2012.
2. Hope received $150,000 in pledges that indicated the money was to be paid in 2013 and used in that year for any purpose desired by the board.
3. Hope expended $37,000 for nursing training, using $30,000 of temporarily restricted resources that had been given in 2011 for that purpose.
4. Hope received $40,000, restricted by the donor for cancer research. The funds were not expended in 2012.
5. Hope received $50,000 in cash. The board decided to invest the funds for future plant expansion.