Mission Statement

In the world we live in there is always someone getting sick or having symptoms of the dreaded cold. It is our job here at Allround to provide our customers with the most efficient and effective over-the-counter cold medicine on the market. When choosing a over-the-counter cold medicine, it is important to find a brand that listens to its customer’s needs, wants, and desires, and that is exactly what you will get with the Allround brand.

  1. Marketing Objectives
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When a company is deciding how to approach a market, it is important to set goals to meet. By setting different goals or objectives to meet, this allows a company to successfully improve from period to period, and improve what didn’t go well the period previous.

Successfully implement marketing decisions to raise the overall stock price of the Allround brand to 25% above current market value. Ex: $40 stock price, new marketing team is expected to raise it to $50 by 14th year.

Increase amount of Direct Sales force, in Independent Drugstores, Chain Drugstores, Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores, & Mass Merchandise stores. As well as increase amount of Indirect Sales force in Wholesaler Support, Merchandisers, and Detailers. New goals for sales force will be set at the beginning of each period based on the previous period’s report.

Successfully implement brand extension products into the Allround product line. By increasing the amount of products that Allround offers will help increase our brand awareness as well as offer the potential for more revenue if the new product proves to be successful.

Brand awareness in marketplace in the 14th year will maintain above 70%, while also finding new innovative ideas to increase brand recognition.

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Conduct monthly surveys with customers to find out where the brands weakness’s are, customers thoughts on what they think can improve the brand.

Maintain positive relationships with sales force, offer incentives for promoting Allround within their stores / providing better shelf space for the brand.

  • SWOT Analysis/Target Market


  • Brand Awareness is over 80%. Compared to competitors this is an outstanding asset to Allround.
  • Effective product formula means continued brand loyalty from current customers.