Reflect on your practice and identify a significant clinical issue that you would like to search for evidence in online sources. This issue will be the basis for the Research Database Assignment that you will submit Week 4. Describe what makes your issue significant, for example, the seriousness, the number of people affected, the gaps in knowledge, and so forth. Remember to integrate references

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Using your Significant Clinical Issue from Week 2, describe the knowledge gap that research could fill. Identify the PICO(T) elements that might be found in a research question related to the problem.

My clinical issue is measures to reduce hypothermia ************************************************************PLEASE  IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE SUBJECT OF FAMILIAR WITH NURSING PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS ASSIGNMENT………………………………………….****************************************************************************

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In last week’s TD, we discussed the formulation of the clinical question. Recall that questions that are written clearly and straightforward provide direction for the retrieval of literature specific to the topic you wish to research. Based on the concepts you reflect in your question, the next step is to retrieve the information.

For this thread, I would like you to CAREFULLY review the guidelines and grading rubric for the Research Database assignment, due in Week #4. Search for one research database that is relevant to this assignment and briefly describe the issue you are investigating, the name of the research database, and where it may be found (i.e., the URL).  Remember, “You may NOT choose the databases that are already familiar to you – MEDLINE, PUBMED (which also indexes MEDLINE), GOOGLE SCHOLAR, and CINAHL.”

As I’ve said before, go to the Chamberlain Library website, and select the tab “Databases” from the menu on the left side.  It will give you a TON of databases.  If you scroll down, it will even give you a list of databases that are specific to nursing.  Your text also gives you a list of appropriate databases and websites that include research on page 126.  It also gives you a list of appropriate databases on page 500.

Remember, things like EbscoHost and ProQuest are not a database – they are COLLECTIONS of databases, and you need to choose one of the databases within those collections.  Journals are not databases, articles are not databases, and websites that have no link to research studies are not databases

PLS I ONLY NEED YOU TO Research Database Description

THAT IS TO EXPLAIN WHICH WEBSITE YOU USE TO RESEARCH HOW TO PREVENT HYPOTHERIA IN SURGICAL PATIENS, HOW MANY RESULT YOU FOUND AND WHY ARE THEY SIGNIFICANT TO THE TOPIC.*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************