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Recommendation for Practice – Summary of the Evidence Practice Paper

For this assignment you will identify an area of nursing practice in which you would like to make a change. You will initiate this inquiry by writing a PICOT question. Based on the question, you will develop a practice problem paper in which you define the problem you have identified, describe the prevalence of the problem, describe the significance of the problem to patients and nurses, and discuss how you plan to address the problem/make the practice change including the use of an evidence-based practice model and through a focused literature search, you will use knowledge gained in this assignment in preparation for your voice-over PowerPoint presentation at the end of the semester.

In order to support your argument you need to use at least 3 current references (within the past 5 – 8 years) from the professional literature. Include at least one interprofessional references. These references can come from professional journals and reputable websites (American Heart Association, March of Dimes and Center for Disease Control.


Evidence Paper

Introduction1.5 ptsThe presentation includes an introduction to a nursing problem or issue. The problem or issue is adequately defined and its significance described fully. Appropriate references are used to support the significance of the problem. These should be current and should include the three articles that you reviewed for the evidence table and three articles which are relevant to the problem.1.0 ptsThere is an identification of a nursing problem or issue, but it is not well defined and/or its significance is not well stated. The references used in the introduction include the 3 articles reviewed from the evidence table but the other references (3) are not from professional sources or not relevant to the topic.0.0 ptsCentral problem not identified.1.5pts
Recommendations for Practice/Research5.0 ptsSpecific recommendations for practice and research are made. The inclusion of an EBP model to guide the change process was clearly stated. The support for the recommendations is made clear.2.5 ptsRecommendations for practice are not clearly described. The phases of an EBP model were not clearly stated and did not support the recommendations for practice change0.0 ptsRecommendations may be present but is likely to be only a few lines of summary and no EBP model was described. Recommendations demonstrate serious inadequacy.5.0pts
Guideline/Policy/ Protocol2.5 ptsThe evidence and the recommendations are explored and supported by the evidence reviewed in the evidence table.1.5 ptsThere is some presentation of the evidence but the recommendation is not fully supported by the evidence reviewed in the evidence table.0.0 ptsThe recommendation for practice is not supported by the evidence reviewed in the evidence table.2.5pts
APA/Grammar1.0 ptsDemonstrates full control of APA format and style including proper citation format. Virtually free of sentence level errors: grammatical, typographical, and word0.5 ptsAdequately adheres to APA forms and style including proper citation format, with likely deviations and lapses. May contain some consistent patterns of sentence level error: grammatical, typographical, and word choice. Pervasiveness of error does not impede comprehension.0.0 ptsPresentation demonstrates serious inadequacy in APA/grammar