You are tasked with researching the topic, creating a policy,
creating an in-service, and inviting attendees.
Part 1: Provide an assessment on how 2 of the following cultural
issues impact healthcare quality, cost and HIM in the United
States. For example: educational, generational, ethnic,
geographical, economic status…
Part 2: Create a policy for diversity education for the facility
that includes who and how often, at a minimum, the education should
occur. This should follow a policy format.
Part 3: Create an employee in-service “outline” for your
diversity awareness program that addresses the two issues
identified in Part 1.
Part 4: Develop an email that you would send to invite employees
to the in-service. The email should include a date, time, and the
subject as well as who would be invited – job titles or departments
are sufficient- nursing, housekeeping, and so on…